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THREO will support your BODY, MIND & SPIRIT so that your PASSION, PURPOSE & DRIVE can lead your Company to its GREATEST IMPACT.




Continual growth is essential for health and success. Threo's CEO Groups provide a confidential opportunity to identify your areas of personal and business challenges that are holding you back from the life you desire.

These Groups target specific areas to propel you forward by equipping you with new skills and tools through training and resources along with support and accountability.

These groups bring together business owners like yourself, who desire to rise above their current situations, pursue growth opportunities and who are dedicated to the success of those around them.


Threo brings together top performing owners to create peer advisory boards.  

The groups match professionals who are in similar growth stages and create peer advisory boards, where entrepreneurs can gain fresh ideas and new insights. We are in the business of training and supporting a select group of highly qualified people and helping them grow their businesses.

The "peer advisory board" concept works by leveraging each member’s expertise and experience to the benefit of the individual. Members exchange knowledge and information between those who have it and those who need it. This forum serves as the platform for advice, feedback, ideas and accountability.

We consider our approach to be unique because the goal setting process we employ enables us to help the whole person and not just their business results. Also, accountability partners within the group track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and recognize when their partners are on or off track.



Threo gives you a complete “plug and play” marketing department.

Entrepreneurs are confronted with a dizzying array of marketing options. But between client work, managing people, and running a company it's simply impossible to keep all the plates spinning and ensure a regular flow of new customers month in and month out.

Our approach to growth includes a thorough understanding of your company and the creation of a customized, multi-channel solution that will work specifically for your practice. Let our team of marketing experts start doing the work for you.