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More traffic from higher Search Engine Ranking

( has a Page Rank of (Page Rank) on a 10 point scale. Page Rank is a measure of how much authority the search engines gives your site.

We have found (Back Links) back links on your website, which unfortunately doesn't measure up very well when compared to your competitors. Backlinks are links that point to your website from other websites. They are like letters of recommendation for your site.

Getting to the top of the search engines in the Chiropractic space is very simple, but not necessarily easy (unless you know what you are doing). Think about it like a like you are running for office in an election. To win the race to the top you need both quality of relationships and quantity of these relationships to get the vote. Search engines work the same way. You need a large quantity of high quality websites giving you votes/links.

The good news is that it won't take that much work to get in front of your competitors and capture a majority of your local Chiropractic traffic. 

    More business from the traffic that you have

    One are of opportunity that we found is that on your website we found (# of Testimonials). Testimonials are powerful no matter what, however we have seen amazing results for Chiropractors who create very strong, symptom specific video testimonials. We think that with a little work we could have some world class testimonials from your practice that will promise to bring you loads of new business. We have found that if you say that your good or that you can create specific results, it is your opinion. However, if the patient says it, it is fact. We have seen amazing results using very easy to produce, high quality, professional looking video testimonials. The key is to produce specific symptom/solution testimonials then matching these testimonials with the prospects that are suffering from the same symptoms.


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    Looking at your Facebook account it appears that you have (likes on Facebook) likes and you are posting around (# of post/month) times per month. The consistency of your posts are very important, however more important than how consistent they are is engagement and how well they are interacted with.


    Paid Facebook Advertising

    If you are looking a steady flow of quality new patients we have seen amazing results doing Facebook Paid Advertising. We have seen an average of between $12-$24 per new patient. This is hands down the cheapest most scalable new patient acquisition methods that we have seen.



    It appears as if (Adwords you are, your not) doing Adwords advertising. This is a massive problem/opportunity for your office. We have seen many doctors average $25-$45 per new patients using this type of marketing.