3 Steps To Freedom

The Step By Step Guide For Chiropractors That Will Consistently & Predictably Fill Your Practice

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When you know how to attract MORE PATENTS, and deliver MORE VALUE to those happy patients MORE FREEDOM is a natural result. Our 3 Steps To Freedom guide will give you all the tools necessary to rapidly grow your practice to be the practice you dream of and deserve. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:


Our step – by – step formula to get new Chiropractic patients from many different marketing channels. (Once it’s in place, it works forever)

How to establish and grow your partner network (we use these over and over with every Chiropractor... and you should too) 

How to Optimize your conversions (Learn The Sales Framework That Gets Your Patients Lining Up And Signing THEMSELVES Up…so that you focus on your zone of genius and don’t ever have to “sell” or “push” again)  

How to automate your communication and marketing

How to position your practice to be a Long Term Family Care Practice (Just follow the steps and watch your reach and profile soar) 

How to most effectively hire and develop Associates

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I’m Ted Adams, For the past decade I’ve been building CEO round table forums and direct response marketing companies. Our companies have been responsible for BILLIONS of dollars in revenue at a time. I have led over 1200 companies to produce great results and in the process become one of Oregon's Top 100 Employers. Through this process I have become an expert at automating the customer acquisition process, value delivery processes and the scaling of Chiropractic practices. 

I now dedicate all my professional energy, passion and knowledge to help Chiropractic practice owners create successful practices with more control, freedom and profit. I do this by helping practice owners position their companies to deliver more value, to attract more patients and in turn we help them scale their practice to create more freedom for the doctors.  

My heart is to continue to work to bring people back to nature so their original royal design can shine and they can take their proper place in the world.